Saturday, December 15, 2018

Hot off the presses: Records fly at the Bangor Y...

                       photos coming soon.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Hampden Academy Swim Team 

School Records (updated 12/14/18)


200 Medley Relay:    2:12.65--  O. Doucette, Vine, Hegede, Bourgoin

200 Freestyle:     2:06.70--   E. Doucette

200 I.M.:     2:25.85--    E. Doucette

50 Freestyle:    26.19--    Kunz

100 Butterfly:    1:04.47--   E. Doucette

100 Freestyle:    58.63--    E. Doucette

500 Freestyle:   5:39.76--   Ashey

200 Free Relay:     1:53.93--   Goff, Parsons, Snyder, Swalec

100 Backstroke:     1:05.32--     Kunz

100 Breaststroke:     1:13.16--     Vine      (2/19/2018)

400 Free Relay:     4:18.41--     Goff, Cain, Snyder, Swalec


200 Medley Relay:     1:50.21--     LaBree, Vine, Chaffee, Steigert (12/14/2018)

200 Freestyle:     1:52.29--     Cardello

200 I.M.:     2:08.46--     LaBree  (2/3/2018)  

50 Freestyle:  22.75--    LaBree (12/14/2018)

100 Butterfly:     53.22--     LaBree (2/17/2018) 

100 Freestyle:     50.09--    Ranger

500 Freestyle:     5:28.29--     LaBree (1/19/2018)

200 Free Relay:     1:36.36--     DeLima, E. Dysart, Bjorn, Woodward

100 Backstroke:     59.95--     B. Dysart 

100 Breaststroke:     1:03.75--     LaBree (1/27/2018)

400 Free Relay:     3:35.59--     Cardello, DeLima, Woodward, Bjorn

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Monday begins Christmas Camp, one week early (insert smiley face)

Follow our team's results and your individual times!  Here is the link to all State of Maine High School Swim Meets:
Maine Swimming Page

Get your deck gear!!!!!!

The 2019 Deck Gear Store is open!  Get your order in early.   The store will remain open through Dec. 16th, and the link is:

You should really watch this just about daily.

And you should all watch this video of Ryan Lochte swimming backstroke.  Note how his arm never touches his head as it sweeps past.  Note also the extremely tight (and rare, I might add) streamline.

Swimming at Hampden Academy is a non-cut, all-inclusive sport.  Every swimmer is a member of our varsity team, and every swimmer swims at every meet!  Each year, about half of our team has never before swum competitively, so if you have an interest in swimming, join our team!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Vs Ellsworth
Aaron Grodehaul behind the lens!!

Sunday, December 9, 2018


All HA Swim Team practices take place at the Lura Hoit Pool in Hampden from 2:30 to 4:30, Monday through Friday.

Contact Information:

Coach Jason Snyder:     207.745.3606
Assistant Coach Sam Manhart:     207.745.2342
Lura Hoit Pool:  207.862.4305

Meet Schedule:

Dual Meets

Tues. 12/11   @ Ellsworth (DEFY*)   7:00 (Bus @4:30)
Fri. 12/14    @ Brewer (Bangor YMCA)  6:00
Fri. 12/21     Carlisle (home meet at Husson)   6:00
Thurs. 1/3    12th Annual Susan Abraham Swimathon, Hoit Pool  2:30
Fri. 1/4/2019   Foxcroft Academy (home meet at Husson)  6:00
Sat. 1/12      Bangor  (home meet at Husson) 3:30
Sat. 1/19     Washington Academy  (home meet at Husson)  Noon
Fri. 1/25     @George Stevens Academy (DEFY)  6:00  (Bus @3:30)
Sat. 2/2     Orono  (home meet at Husson)  Noon

Championship Meets

Fri. 2/8   **Boys' PVC Championship, UMaine   6:00
Sat. 2/9   **Girls' PVC Championship, UMaine   6:00
Mon. 2/18   Boys' Class A State of Maine Championship, Bowdoin  TTBD
Tues. 2/19  Girls Class A State of Maine Championship Meet, Bowdoin  TTBD

Wed. 3/20  Pot Luck Supper and Awards Banquet, David Greenier Dining Commons, 6:00

*DEFY= the Down East Family YMCA on the main drag into Ellsworth on the right (as you are coming from Hampden), just past Ellsworth High School and Dunkin' Donuts and the strip mall.

**Boys' & Girls' Penobscot Valley Conference (PVC) Championship Meets, at which all swimmers on our team compete.

Friday, August 31, 2018

Back to School!

So good to see so many H. A. swimmers today!

         Class of 2019, you know what you must do... recruit freshmen for the Swim Team!

It is going to be a very fun year full of very fast swimming.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Ahhh, Summer.  Time to shave seconds from

our favorite events...

Wreck your core.  As Brad Veitch says, "Pain is just weakness leaving the body." 

Ponder and practice perfect streamline. 

Dolphin underwater.

 Swim long long distances.  

Monday (11/19):  Practice #1 of the 2018-19 campaign.