Thursday, September 21, 2017

  Hampden Academy Swim Team

       And so the off-season countdown begins....  Happy May Day, Commencement, Last day of school, July Fourth, The Dog Days of August, First Day of School, Labor Day, Recruiting season for new swimmers, Columbus Day, World Series, Halloween.... and we'll see you at the pool on November 20th.  Much love (and have a nice day, adds Jason),


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Please please Go to Parker Kimball's YouTube Video Channel of Hampden Academy Swimming.  He has put in a great deal of work to allow you to view your races!  Follow the link and learn from your swims:

 Question: Hey Coach, what was my time? Answer: Follow the link below and track all of your times, as well as full team results for every high school meet in Maine during the 2016-17 season.

All 2016-17 HA Swim Team meet results are posted at the MPA Website.  Follow this link:

Hampden Academy Swimming Contact Information:

Head Coach Jason Snyder: 207-745-3606

Assistant Coach Sam Manhart:  207-745-2342


Monday, February 27, 2017

Hampden Academy Swim Team:    School Records


200 Medley Relay:    2:12.65--  O. Doucette, Vine, Hegede, Bourgoin

200 Freestyle:     2:06.70--   E. Doucette

200 I.M.:     2:25.85--    E. Doucette

50 Freestyle:    26.19--    Kunz

100 Butterfly:    1:04.47--   E. Doucette

100 Freestyle:    58.63--    E. Doucette

500 Freestyle:   5:39.76--   Ashey

200 Free Relay:     1:53.93--   Goff, Parsons, Snyder, Swalec

100 Backstroke:     1:05.32--     Kunz

100 Breaststroke:     1:13.98--     Vine      (2/12/2017)

400 Free Relay:     4:18.41--     Goff, Cain, Snyder, Swalec


200 Medley Relay:     1:51.59--     B. Dysart, LaBree, Malachi, Kearns  

200 Freestyle:     1:52.29--     Cardello

200 I.M.:     2:10.91--     LaBree    

50 Freestyle:  22.89--     Cardello

100 Butterfly:     54.01--     LaBree (2/20/2017) 

100 Freestyle:     50.09--    Ranger

500 Freestyle:     5:35.30--     B. Dysart

200 Free Relay:     1:36.36--     DeLima, E. Dysart, Bjorn, Woodward

100 Backstroke:     59.95--     B. Dysart 

100 Breaststroke:     1:03.83--     LaBree (2/20/2017)

400 Free Relay:     3:35.59--     Cardello, DeLima, Woodward, Bjorn

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Girls' Class A State Championship Meet
Tuesday, February 21, 2017, Bowdoin College

Monday, February 20, 2017

Boys' States Photos, HOT off the presses...