Monday, May 1, 2017

  Hampden Academy Swim Team

       And so the off-season countdown begins....  Happy May Day, Commencement, July Fourth, Dog Days of August, Harvest, Columbus Day, World Series, Halloween and we'll see you at the pool.  Much love (and have a nice day, adds Jason),


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Please please Go to Parker Kimball's YouTube Video Channel of Hampden Academy Swimming.  He has put in a great deal of work to allow you to view your races!  Follow the link and learn from your swims:

 Question: Hey Coach, what was my time? Answer: Follow the link below and track all of your times, as well as full team results for every high school meet in Maine during the 2016-17 season.

All 2016-17 HA Swim Team meet results are posted at the MPA Website.  Follow this link:

Hampden Academy Swimming Contact Information:

Head Coach Jason Snyder: 207-745-3606

Assistant Coach Sam Manhart:  207-745-2342


Monday, February 27, 2017

Hampden Academy Swim Team:    School Records


200 Medley Relay:    2:12.65--  O. Doucette, Vine, Hegede, Bourgoin

200 Freestyle:     2:06.70--   E. Doucette

200 I.M.:     2:25.85--    E. Doucette

50 Freestyle:    26.19--    Kunz

100 Butterfly:    1:04.47--   E. Doucette

100 Freestyle:    58.63--    E. Doucette

500 Freestyle:   5:39.76--   Ashey

200 Free Relay:     1:53.93--   Goff, Parsons, Snyder, Swalec

100 Backstroke:     1:05.32--     Kunz

100 Breaststroke:     1:13.98--     Vine      (2/12/2017)

400 Free Relay:     4:18.41--     Goff, Cain, Snyder, Swalec


200 Medley Relay:     1:51.59--     B. Dysart, LaBree, Malachi, Kearns  

200 Freestyle:     1:52.29--     Cardello

200 I.M.:     2:10.91--     LaBree    

50 Freestyle:  22.89--     Cardello

100 Butterfly:     54.01--     LaBree (2/20/2017) 

100 Freestyle:     50.09--    Ranger

500 Freestyle:     5:35.30--     B. Dysart

200 Free Relay:     1:36.36--     DeLima, E. Dysart, Bjorn, Woodward

100 Backstroke:     59.95--     B. Dysart 

100 Breaststroke:     1:03.83--     LaBree (2/20/2017)

400 Free Relay:     3:35.59--     Cardello, DeLima, Woodward, Bjorn

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Girls' Class A State Championship Meet
Tuesday, February 21, 2017, Bowdoin College

Monday, February 20, 2017

Boys' States Photos, HOT off the presses...